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Buryfields School Council Election Day

Here at Buryfields, the voice of the pupils is extremely important.  The children's opinions and viewpoints are taken seriously and valued.  Every year, school councillors are chosen to represent their class at regular meetings.  This year, the outgoing school council decided that the voting process for years 1 and 2 should be more formal - and more like official, 'grown-up' elections. 

The library was designated as the local polling station and Miss English was chosen to be the election co-ordinator. All the children from Years 1 and 2 were invited to stand as School Council candidates and once all nominations were in, the candidate lists were published. There was a clean campaign and all candidates behaved with absolute propriety.

Thursday 22nd September was the day they got to have their say as to who was going to be elected and the turnout was excellent! We discussed the right to a secret ballot and that candidates were allowed to vote for themselves. Exit polls showed no clear favourites, and the results were announced on Monday 26th September.  Reception councillors are co-opted by their teachers. Hopefully the children’s understanding and appreciation of the key British value of democracy will have been enhanced by the experience.