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Vision, Ethos and Aims

Vision Statement

At Buryfields, our overall aim is to foster a lifelong love of learning through an exciting, enjoyable, challenging and motivating curriculum. We firmly believe that every child deserves the very best start in life and have high aspirations for all.

There is a strong ethos of care everywhere within the school and we are driven by our guiding principles of excellence, respect and achievement.

Over the coming years, we have three core aims to further improve the children's learning:

  • to challenge and motivate each and every child;
  • to continue to raise standards and achievement levels; and
  • to ensure the needs of every pupil are met appropriately

Specifically, we aim to:

  • ensure all children develop intellectually;
  • create and maintain an exciting, stimulating and challenging learning environment;
  • ensure that each child's education has continuity and progression;
  • ensure that there is a match between the child and the tasks he/she is asked to perform;
  • ensure the pupils are involved in relevant decision making and planning
  • recognise the vital role which parents play in their children's education and make every effort to encourage and engage parental involvement in the educational process;
  • treat everyone in a respectful way;
  • cater for the needs of individual children of both sexes from all ethnic and social groups, with planned intervention for the most able and those who are experiencing learning difficulties;
  • ensure all children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically in order that they may become independent, responsible, caring, confident and considerate members of the community.

Continuously on our agenda is improving the environment for the children to ensure it remains safe so that the children feel enthused, happy, healthy and secure. We embed the principles of equality and diversity in everything we do in order to end discrimination and promote harmony and understanding, not just in school, but also in the local community and the wider world.

Curriculum and Assessment

At Buryfields Infant School each child is valued and understood as an individual; academically, socially, emotionally and as a spiritual being. Our pupils are at the very beginning of their life-long learning journey and we strongly believe that the curriculum we offer will enable our children to enjoy their time here and to make excellent progress. A stimulating and broad curriculum is delivered by an experienced staff of highly committed teachers and teaching assistants. Through this, we aim for all children to feel valued and supported as they grow in confidence and independence whilst developing key knowledge and skills alongside a love of learning.

Assessment processes are integral to teaching and learning at Buryfields Infant School. Particular focus is given to assessment for learning within lessons, ensuring that children are appropriately challenged, that children respond to feedback, including next step marking and that children are given time to close their learning gaps through short  pre and over learning sessions. Assessment of the learning is carried out every half term as a summative judgement on a child’s achievement. This is closely tracked and monitored to enable children to “keep up” rather than “catch up.”

With the introduction of the New National Curriculum and Assessment reforms we have chosen to use the NAHT Assessment framework and Key Performance Indicators, which have been widely adopted by Hampshire. We have worked closely with other local schools to devise assessment material to ensure consistency. We are also making use of new technology in the form of a new IT tracking system. Classroom Monitor will capture and interrogate assessment information for each child giving teachers a clear and accurate measure of where a child is and what their next steps in their learning are.