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The Arts

Artsmark and Arts Award

Buryfields Infant School has been awarded Artsmark status and is an Arts Award Centre. As a school we are on the Artsmark journey having made a ‘Statement of Commitment’ in 2016 to say that we provide our children with a Gold Standard of Artsmark delivery.

This means we have a thread of expectation across all our planning within Buryfields to ensure the  ‘Arts Council Quality Principles’ are running through all children’s learning experiences. To strive for excellence, to be authentic, to be exciting, inspiring and engaging, to ensure a positive and inclusive experience, to always actively involve the children, to enable personal progression and finally to develop belonging and ownership.

To bring all these aspects together across the arts we work with actors, musicians, dancers and artists across the whole cycle of the school life to ensure the children and the staff achieve real and authentic learning which is exciting, inspiring and engaging. Art experiences are embedded within our curriculum. It is of paramount importance for every child to share in a positive and inclusive experience, with the depth of these experiences encouraging collaboration within the children and the staff.

As a school we also take part in the Arts Award scheme which enables a group of children to delve deeper into the workings of artists and produce new art skills which they are then able to cascade out to their friends within school. The scheme provides a framework for our children to develop as artists and also become art leaders. Our children develop creative and critical skills and enjoy sharing their achievements. The attitudes and skills which develop through this scheme are then transferred with the children as they move forward in the educational journey.