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In 2016/17, we ran a pilot scheme to promote and develop excellence and innovation in STEAM subjects within our school and across local schools, working with Artswork (a bridge organisation for the Arts Council). Grant funding from the Arts Council and Hart District Fine Arts Society was successfully achieved to support the project. This led to a focussed fortnight in June 2017, culminating in a whole school exhibition.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

We used the two weeks to raise the already high profile of these subjects even further within the school through engaging with ambassadors from Balfour Beatty and Virgin, with the help of Winchester Science Centre, who wished to help our children gain in experience from an ‘expert’. We constructed towers, cars and boats. All these projects linked with our summer Madagascar topic. We also asked our parents, including a parent who is a STEM ambassador, to come and help in a mixture of workshops we were running. This enabled our whole school community to work as one.

The funding we received from the Arts Council enabled us to book Drama, Music and Art ambassadors who extended our children’s skills and knowledge and further funding from the Hart DFAS allowed follow-up work to be carried out with our link artist.

Pooling knowledge and skills across the school and involving people from the wider community enabled STEAM to become embedded within our school and throughout our topics. This year we continue to build on our staff skill set to provide the best possible learning experience for our children.