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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)


At Buryfields Infant school we strongly promote children’s personal, social and emotional development, as well as their health and wellbeing. We believe this gives children the knowledge and skills they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.

We aim to:

  • develop children’s confidence, self-esteem and responsibility so they can make the most of their abilities,
  • prepare children to take an active role as members of the school community and a democratic society,
  • develop children’s healthy lifestyles,
  • develop children’s relationships so they can respect differences.


PSHE is a non-statutory part of the curriculum, but we believe children will benefit from learning how to lead healthy lifestyles, manage their feelings and build positive relationships.

In the foundation stage children are taught to:

  • identify and name feelings
  • begin to understand why it is important to keep clean
  • begin to show awareness of differences and similarities between people
  • consider the consequences of their words and actions on others and recognise that bullying is wrong.

In Years 1 and 2 pupils learn about:

  • themselves as individuals and as members of their communities
  • the basic rules and skills for keeping healthy and safe
  • their feelings, views, needs and rights. They learn to recognise those of others
  • taking responsibility for themselves and their environments
  • social skills such as sharing, taking turns, playing, helping others, resolving conflict, as well as recognising and resisting bullying.