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At Buryfields we aim to provide our children with a love for sport and physical activity. It is crucial that our children learn how to keep themselves fit and healthy. We strive for our children to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills through a variety of different sporting activities.


At Buryfields children have two hours of structured PE lessons each week. Year 1 and 2 children have PE outdoors throughout the year and Early Years begin outside activities during the spring term. The Early Years children also have access to their outdoor area every day. All year groups have 15 minutes of Activate daily, 10 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon, this stimulates children’s brains and develops their fine motor, gross motor and coordination skills.

The children are taught across the following areas in PE:  Gymnastics and dance are taught as blocks using the Val Sabin Scheme of Work or specific dance units  that have been created to link with topics. Games is taught by Mr Mannion and the class teacher on a Monday. We focus on the progression of skills as children move up through the school. The units are blocked on a long term plan to enable teachers to develop the children’s skills and ensure that they experience all the areas of PE. Dance as an art form is inclusive and accessible to all pupils whatever their ability or cultural background. Children are encouraged to make, perform and respond in a variety of ways. In Early Years children also follow the WriteDance scheme which has proven to be very effective for the children as it develops their gross motor and fine motor skills. It is also provides them with confidence as they learn to represent their thoughts and ideas on paper on both a large and small scale. We ensure all children are able to access all areas of PE and provide appropriate measures to enable them to suceed and develop. 

Our children recognise the importance of staying fit and healthy and the things that impact this. We ensure our children learn how to keep safe in PE and use the apparatus appropriately. We praise our children for their achievements in class or celebration assembly. We also make links with other local schools to develop and extend sporting opportunities for children.

We reocgnise the importance of competition and include this throughout our lessons but also by competing against other local schools. We also select children to attend a multi-skills festival each term. 

Extra Curricular

Extra curricular opportunities are provided at Buryfields organised by SCL. We have a football club, street dance club and club energy, all of which are very popular with the children. SCL provide taster sessions for the children which allows them to experience some of the activities they would participate in if they attended the clubs. An atheltics club runs the first half of autumn term and then throughout the spring and summer terms.