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The Buryfields Team

Mrs Jacqui Jennings

The Early Years Team

Maple Class

Teaching Staff - Mrs Julie West

Mrs Rachel Colebrooke

Support Staff - Mrs Laura Allen

Mrs Claire Crickmore

Mrs Jan Goldsworthy


Sycamore Class

Teaching Staff - Mrs Sarah Mahoney

Support Staff - Mrs Julie Bell

Mrs Claire Crickmore


Apple Class

Teaching Staff - Mrs Kate Jones

Support Staff - Mrs Dorothy Pateman

Mrs Bernice Pye


The Year Two Team

Hazel Class

Teaching Staff - Mrs Emma Flynn

Mrs Ellie May

Support Staff - Mrs Mandy Kettle

Mrs Wendy Williams


Lime Class

Teaching Staff - Miss Lauren English

Mrs Gemma Fawcett

Support Staff - Mrs Amy Wilson

Mrs Wendy Williams

Deputy Headteacher
Miss Lauren English

The Year One Team

Horse Chestnut Class

Teaching Staff - Miss Maria Simons

Support Staff - Mrs Kate Mepham

Mrs Wendy Williams


Oak Class

Teaching Staff - Miss Ruth Barnes

Support Staff - Mrs Julianne Wrightson

Mrs Donna Wells


Beech Class

Teaching Staff - Mrs Mary Brice

Mrs Nerys Thomas

Support Staff - Mrs Jenny Bradley


Speech and Language

Mrs Anita Roderick


Lunchtime Senior Supervisor

Mrs Donna Wells


Site Manager

Mr Mick Keens


Office Team

Admin Officer

Mrs Karin Steele


Finance Officer

Mrs Claire Hayward


Admin Assistant

Mrs Sarah Coleman

Mrs Kate Meneghetti