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We started our topic this half term by thinking about real life heroes or people who help us.  In our initial brainstorm we thought about fire-fighters, doctors and police officers.  We used some non-fiction books and some interactive computer resources to find out a bit more about what jobs these important people do everyday.  We were really lucky to then have two special visitors. Elsa's mummy talked about her job as a nurse to tiny babies and MACr Lee Renard came from RAF Odiham to talk about how Chinook helicopters are used to help people.  We learned a lot of new information and then we used this to write about our favourite real life hero.  Our role play Chinook also helped us to re-enact some of our new knowledge!


We then turned our attention to some fictional superheroes!  Supertato by Sue Hendra was a firm favourite.  We were able to use descriptive vocabulary to write about Supertato's powers.  The 2Paint program on the Smartboard was a great resource to draw our own versions of the friendly hero.  Lastly, in discovery time we made traps for the 'evil pea', the baddie in the story.  We came up with some imaginative ways to catch him including nets, trap doors and even a jail!

Michael Recycle

Our green superhero, Michael Recycle, a character by Ellie Bethel, is a superhero that helps to clean up a village.  This gave us lots of opportunity to think about our own environment and how we could recycle at school.  We made some signs for our rubbish bins and kept our fruit waste for the compost.  A further activity helped us to think about water conservation, and this linked to our RR (Rights, Respect) curriculum, which is part of our PSED. We learned how some children in different parts of the world have to walk a long way for clean water.  We acted this scenario out in our school grounds.  We all had an empty cup and went for a walk to find water.  The first bucket we found was dirty so we had to keep searching.  Finally we found a clean source but had to carry our cup of water back to the classroom without spilling any - it was quite a challenge!  We all enjoyed the activity and it gave us a great insight into how diverse children's lives are, with lots of good discussion about how this made us feel afterwards.