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Hillier's Gardens

It was very exciting to go on our first school trip on a coach! Hillier's Gardens was a perfect way to explore our topic. We had a brilliant day out exploring facts about growth and change in plants. We acted out life cycles, used our senses and played lots of different games to help us understand how a garden grows and what affects plants and seeds. We all enjoyed our walk through the bamboo tunnel and over the wobbly bridge to the pond too. We hardly noticed the rain showers we were having so much fun! In the afternoon we worked in teams to make pictures from things we found in the garden as well as a game where we had to use our sense of touch to identify different trees. We had to rely on each other because we were blindfolded!

Jack and the Beanstalk

The very popular traditional tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, lent itself perfectly for us to do some planting of our own. We all planted a bean seed and then looked after our plants waiting for our very own beanstalks! We watered them and kep't them in our sunny window - it wasn't long before we could see roots and shoots. Our maths learning linked in too. We were able to measure our beanstalks and compare their heights using mathematical vocabulary. In discovery time a challenge was to make a beanstalk taller than a friend. Some of us used construction toys but the tallest was made of lots of paper that was cut and then all joined together.


Our 'Down in the Woods' topic would not have been complete without some minibeast hunting! We used our own lovely woods to go for a hunt - we lifted up logs and stones to find dark, damp hiding places for minibeasts. We also used our outdoor provision to dig for worms in our mud pit and search in our plants and garden area. We learnt lots of facts about different insects too. We even wrote letters to the ants asking them questions about how they live. The ants left letters for us all answering our questions which was very exciting!