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We have all thoroughly enjoyed our 'Journeys' topic this half term which was evident in our class assembly performance. We have learnt lots of facts about different types of transport as well as exploring fictional journeys through some lovely story books. Our 'Bear Hunt' journey came alive when we acted out the story in our school grounds. If only we had waited a week or two we could have encountered a real snowstorm! Other adventures took us on imaginary journeys into space and on a train ride.  The writing we all produced as a result of our drama has been amazing and we are very proud. A real life journey was to take a walk to The Oast Garage in Odiham to inspire our outdoor role play garage.  Watching the mechanics gave us lots of good ideas for our play.

St Lucia

Our focus for multicultural week was St Lucia. We found out lots of interesting facts about the island using books and the internet. One of the highlights of the week was a visit from, Jim, who helped us to play caribbean music using steel pans and other percussion instruments in our workshop. We could all remember the rhythm he taught us by chanting "We love St Lucia" which stuck for the entire week! Our artwork was inspired by thinking about animals that live in the rainforest. We also wrote imaginary postcards from the island using our senses to make our writing interesting. The week would not have been complete if we hadn't tasted chocolate and bananas the two things that are grown the most on the island - they were delicious!

World Book Day & Sport Relief

We eventually got to dress up as characters from our favourite books a week late due to the snow! As ever, we all looked super and could talk about which character we were dressed as. We had fun guessing each others characters too. We had an active time supporting Sports Relief.  We came to school in our sports kits in exchange for a donation to this worthy cause. Our activities included rolling in the hall, skipping and jumping and ended with a whole school run of around 800m on the school field. It was brilliant fun and some of us wanted to run even further!