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Our dinosaur topic was launched with the discovery of an enormous egg in the classroom.  We were all very keen to investigate the egg and make some suggestions about what could be inside... We looked after it carefully and eventually it hatched overnight. We discovered that the egg had belonged to a dinosaur. Our imaginations took over and we talked about which dinosaur it might have been!

We were very excited to have a visiting 'Dinosaur Show.' We learned lots of interesting facts and took part in sensory games.  Mrs Mahoney was not very good at making a scary dinosaur!


Our maths learning was linked to our dinosaur topic. We solved some addition and subtraction problems using eggs and nests and also used small world dinosaurs for counting practically.  Looking at length gave us the perfect opportunity to measure how long a stegosaurus would have been on the playground.  It was tricky to measure 9 metres but we managed it and then we used the same length of string to compare the length of other large objects.  We discovered that our classroom was shorter than the dinosaur!

Getting creative!

Our artwork has been very varied.  We enjoyed making salt dough bones for our role play 'dinosaur den.' Mixing and rolling the salt dough was good for our fine motor skills too!

Our skeleton pictures using art straws and construction were very effective. Outdoors was a good place to make large scale models.

We have also experimented with mixing the primary colours.