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Blast Off!

We launched our 'space' themed topic by sharing the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.  We acted out the story of baby bear flying to the moon in a rocket.  This helped to set the scene for our learning, which included learning facts about the different planets, as well as lots of imaginary and creative activities.  We were all fascinated to see pictures of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and also more up to date footage of Tim Peake and his journey into space.

We had many role play opportunities and our 'space station' was a great way to inspire young astronauts!  Our creative activities included marbling and junk modelling to make planets and spaceships.


Our RE topic this half term was thinking about celebrations.  We all enjoyed our class party for 'Sam', our class friend, who had his 5th birthday!  We talked about our own experiences of parties and celebrating and thoroughly enjoyed playing party games!

We then thought about Christmas.  Our play 'Christmas Counts' was such a joy to practise and perform and it linked to why Christians celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas. The singing, dancing, costumes and acting were all a great success.  Well done everyone!