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Bear Necessities!

We have all enjoyed our first half term at school, getting to know new friends and our teachers. 

Our topic has given us lots of opportunities for our learning to develop.  We all brought our bears to school for a picnic.  We drew them too!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a popular story and we acted it out, made masks and did some maths learning as well.

We were lucky to have a PE specialist come to our school and do a 'Bear Hunt' dance with our class.  We all performed some big movements to help retell the story together.  It was great fun!

Numbers everywhere!

We have been busy learning our numbers and doing lots of hands on maths activities in the classroom and outdoors.  We have discovered that numbers are all around and there are opportunities to count, sort and use numbers in all sorts of everyday situations.

Our environment

We have spent some time exploring both the inside of our school and our beautiful school grounds.  A particular highlight was finding our Sycamore tree.  We all enjoyed finding the 'helicopter' like seeds and the crunchy leaves.  We watched the seeds twirl to the ground in the wind.