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Royal Queens

This half term the children have been learning all about the Queens of England. Their history based topic has focused of Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and our present Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning lots of new facts about each pf the queens and learning the dates and time periods they reigned. The children are fully of interesting knowledge and facts about each queen, they particularly enjoyed find out that Queen Elizabeth I threw her shoes at people when she was angry and Queen Victoria liked to have ice on her table to keep cool. The children used their new knowledge to write fact files about each queen.

Young artists

The children have created some fantastic pieces of art work this half term using a range of skills and materials. They began by creating observational drawings using colouring pencils, of the queen’s orb, sceptre and crown from her coronation. Each of the children looked carefully at the detail on the objects and carefully added this to their drawing. Next they used oil pastels to make their own portraits of the queen. Some of these are now displayed in our classroom. Finally the children had a go at creating their own crowns using pipe cleaners. The children came up with some great creations and we has a catwalk to decide who was king and queen of the class.

Sporting stars

This half term the children have continued playing and developing their rugby skills. They have now mastered the skills of defending the touch line and working as a team to tag their opponents. Over the past few weeks the children have taken part in some competitive games and have shown some brilliant skills of dodging and sprinting to score a try.

The children have also been visiting the tennis courts one afternoon a week where they have enjoyed working with the tennis coach to learn and develop their tennis skills. So far the children have learnt how to serve forehand technique and back hand technique. They have also enjoyed taking part in lots of games to learn the skills needed to play a game. However there has been a lot of running around the courts to fetch the ball but they have all enjoyed the experience and made progress each week.

Enjoy looking through our photo gallery from this half term!