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We have had lots of fun this half term and have been very busy! We really enjoyed performing our class assembly and really hope you enjoyed it too!

Our topic this half term has been islands. We began this half term by looking at the fictional island that is home to many Wild Things and read the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We really enjoyed this story and all the work we did around it. In literacy we used our sparkles to create character descriptions of the Wild Things. We used smilies to compare them to other things and also used noun phrases to make our work more descriptive. We came up with some great ideas!  We then built up to creating our own new version of the story changing 3 things. We had to think of our own animals or creatures for Max to meet, how he got to the island and an activity for them to do there. We worked really carefully to keep some of the story language but make the story our own. Miss Barnes was amazed at what we produced and really enjoyed reading the new versions.

St Lucia

We then moved on to focus on the Caribbean island St Lucia. We learnt lots of facts about the island and used these to create our own information booklets. We included information about where St Lucia is and how visitors can get to the island; what the weather is like and the seasons and what food grows on the island. We also included diagrams and pictures. Come and read out work! During multi-cultural week we got to use some of the food grown in St Lucia to make banana and chocolate muffins, they were yummy!

Other activities

This half term we have also been busy looking at different art work and adapting this to fit with our Caribbean topic. Have a look at our Kandinksy display bored. We also thoroughly enjoyed our annual visit from Jim the music man. He helped us to create our own steel band. We sounded amazing!

We hope you have enjoyed looking through our work, come back soon to see what else we have been learning about.

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