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The Gun Powder Plot

This half term the children have been learning about the Gun Powder Plot. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and his plot to kill the king. In  literacy  the children got to explore the story through acting out the different events and writing their points of view as if they were the king or Guy Fawkes himself. We had some great rulers within the class who were glad the plot failed! In art the children created their own firework pictures to show how the Gun Powder Plot is remembered every year. They use chalk and black paper to create them and thought carefully about the colours and patterns they make in the sky.


We then focused on the text ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson. Again using drama the children explored the text and acted out different scenes from the story adding captions to their freeze frames. Using the ‘zone of relevance’ the children focused on specific vocabulary to write a character description of Zog.

In science the children used their knowledge of materials to design and make waterproof hats for Zog.

Class Reward

Oak class have worked really hard this half term earning their marbles. Once they had collected 15 marbles they were rewarded with a class treat, which was to make and decorate gingerbread men. They had lots of fun, well done Oak Class!

The Great Fire of London

This half term the children have loved our topic the Great Fire of London. They have fully immersed themselves into the story and enjoyed finding out and sharing lots of information about how the Great Fire started and what caused it to spread so quickly. Within their literacy lessons they have used drama to retell the key events and used captions to explain their ideas. They have also compared what London is like now to how it was in 1666 and enjoyed learning about how the fire service and equipment has evolved over the years.  The children even got to opportunity to travel back in time during a drama workshop to recreate the event and work with Samuel Pepys himself. They showed some great acting skills and helped to stop the fire. Well done Oak Class!

Getting Active

In PE this half term we have discovered some future gymnasts and basketball players within the class. Over the past few weeks the children have perfected the five basic movements of gymnastics and used these to create small sequences with a partner thinking about transitions and levels. The children used recordings of their sequences to develop their ideas and improve each week.  Also in PE with Mr Mannion the children have been learning how to play basketball. They have developed their dribbling skills to ensure they use soft hands to control the ball and learnt the rules to play a successful and competitive game, however we still need some practise at making sure we don’t run with the ball in our hands!


As well as the children growing lots this half term they have looking at what seeds need to grow and having a go at growing some beans of their own. They used plastic cups and paper towels to grow their beans making sure they placed it in a light and dry area and remembered to water it. They have been very successful and have enjoyed watching the beans shoot and start to grow keeping a record of how they have changed each week. Take a look in their science books to see how they have recorded their beans growth.

Well done Oak class you have again worked really hard this half term and it has been lovely to watch you so all engrossed within the topic. Come back soon to see what else they have been up to.