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Autumn 1


Welcome to our showcase of work for Autumn 1. We have had a brilliant start to the year getting to know everyone in our class and making new friends. We are a very happy bubbly class who like to work hard and have lots of fun, which we have done this half term.





During this half term we have been looking at looking at the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. We explored this book in a variety of different ways by thinking about where the magic red door would lead to and who it belonged to. We soon discovered that it belonged to a sad little girl who was lonely but using her magic crayon she drew different types of transport that took her on a journey to different places. As a class we focused on key areas of the book and used adjectives and noun phrases to explore these settings. We then built up to using our own magic crayons to create our own form of transport which took us on our very own journey. We went to some very interesting places such as a magical forest, an enchanted sweet land and a dinosaur island!






In PE we have been working very hard to improve our agility, balance and co-ordination skills with Mr Mannion outside. We have really enjoyed working with him and improving our skills. In dance we also went on an adventure to space! We have learnt our very own space dance and choreographed our own endings to the sequence. Miss Barnes was very impressed with our skills and creative ideas.



We have also been very busy doing other things in Oak Class. In maths we have been focusing on developing our fundamental number knowledge and understanding and applying this to different problems using lots of different maths resources. It has been great fun! We have also been using the beebots in ICT to programme and record algorithms to move around the mats and classroom and learning how to log in on the laptops and type a sentence changing the size and colour of the font. In art we have been developing our shading skills and looking at creating pictures using different lines and not taking our pencil the page. Some of us found this very tricky but we had lots of fun trying to different music.  




Overall we have had a brilliant first half term all together in Oak Class and we have settled in well. We hope you enjoy looking through our gallery of photos and videos and come back soon to see what else we have been learning!