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This half term we have been finding out all about superheroes. We began by looking at different real-life superheroes, like fire fighters and doctors, before thinking about fictional superheroes and what superpowers we would like to have.

Real-life Superheroes

We were amazed to find out that we have real-life superheroes that help us all the time, like fire fighters, doctors, nurses, police officers and our armed forces. We turned our role play area into a hospital and explored what it was like to be a doctor or a nurse. We even had a visit from a nurse who showed us the special things she uses to do her job. We designed capes for our real-life superheroes to wear.


After reading the story Supertato and finding out how he saved the world from the frozen peas, we had a go at making Supertato using real potatoes. We learnt lots of things about how superhero stories are written, including superhero words like pow, swoosh, bap and zap.

We can all be superheroes!

After finding out about lots of different kinds of superheroes we found out all the ways we can be superheroes in school and at home. We made posters to remind ourselves of all the things we can do like put rubbish in the bin, turn off the lights when we don't need them on and recycle paper we don't need any more. We are all going to try really hard to be superheroes!