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Down in the Woods

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have really enjoyed learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and acting it out. We performed the story to our parents and visitors in our class assembly.

We planted beans in pots and each kept a bean diary to record the changes that happened. We discovered that not all beans grow into bean stalks: some of us had to replant our pots with new beans! We looked after them carefully making sure that they had plenty of sunlight and water, but not too much!


During the last few weeks of our topic, we focused on learning all about different types of minibeasts; ants, caterpillars & butterflies, snails, ladybirds and worms.

We began by writing very tiny letters to the ants, asking them questions using our questions words: who, what, where, when and how. They replied telling us lots of interesting facts!

We read the story 'Snail Trail', which is full of works of art by different artists. We replicated some of these works of art using different forms of media, including the famous 'The Snail' painting by Henri Matisse by tearing paper into strips and swirling them round like a snail shell.

After that, we looked at the life cycles of different minibeasts particularly butterflies and ladybirds. We were amazed that ladybirds also had an egg, larvae, pupa life cycle just like a butterfly! And we discovered why caterpillars are insects even though they have more than six legs! (because in their adult form, a butterfly, they only have 6 legs)


Hillier's Garden

We had a great trip to Hillier's Garden!