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Spring Term

Dinosaur Roar!

At the beginning of this term we found an animal's horn in our classroom! After thinking carefully about what animal it could have come from, we received a letter from Mary Anning. Mary Anning is a palaeontologist and she sent us a bone from our mystery animal. Finally, we found triceratop footprints and decided that the horn must belong to a dinosaur!

 We spent the half term finding out about different kinds of dinosaurs and writing our own dinosaur facts. We even made dinosaur skeletons using different materials: chalks, art straws, paint.

One of the dinosaur stories we read, called 'Dinosaurs and All that Rubbish, made us think carefully about our environment and we discovered different ways we could take care of where we live. Posters were put up around the classroom to remind us to put paper in the recycling bin, to not drop litter on the floor and to switch of the lights when we are not in the classroom.

We have really enjoyed our dinosaur topic!


We started off our topic on 'Journeys' by thinking about the journey we do nearly every day, travelling to school. Some children in our class walk to school, some get driven in the car and other ride their scooters or bikes to school. We decided that sometimes we travel to places that are too far away for us to walk to so we explored the different methods of transport we could use; cars, trains, bikes, planes, hot air balloons, helicopters, boats and space rockets!

We also explored different ways of travelling in our gym sessions. We made different shapes with our bodies and found different ways we could move around on the gym apparatus, exploring high, low, narrow and wide body movements.

As part of our topic on 'Journeys' we looked at different stories that had journeys in them. Some of our favourites were 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', 'The Train Ride' and 'Whatever Next'. We had great fun acting out the story of 'Whatever Next', dressing up in wellington boots and wearing colanders on our heads!

In maths, this half term, we began to think about ways we could make addition and subtraction quicker by placing the first number in our heads and then counting on or back to find the answer. We used these methods to try and help us solve some tricky problems!