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Bug hunting in the pond and sensory garden

We have been enjoying going out into the school grounds to find different creatures and to learn about their habitats.  This week we conducted a pond life tally chart. We talked about which creatures we were expecting to find the most of - hardly any of us thought the bug we would see most would be snails but we found loads!  Miss English said not to expect to see a newt so just to prove her wrong we found two! 

We were so excited to find a newt - it didn't know what to do and just froze for a long time (Lime class aren't that scary are they?)

Eventually it decided to make a run for it into the mud. Sensible newt Miss English said..

You have to look really hard to spot the baby newt we found - it is just to the left of the great big slug.

It turns out hermit crabs aren't the only creature to make use of unused shells - Matthew found a whole family of woodlice in this one!