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Salt dough wheat sheaf

This week Year 2 have been lucky enough to welcome the kitchen staff into the classroom to help us make a wheat sheaf as part of our harvest celebrations.

To make the stalks we had to roll the dough into long snakes - making sure that they were as even as possible.

Making the ears

The next task was to roll dough into wheat ear shapes - they looked a little bit like mice!

Cutting the ears

After the ears were rolled we had to cut them carefully to make the grains.  It was trickier than it first looked!

Finishing touches

The pieces were all assembled and the final touches were added - a plait to 'tie up' the wheat and a little mouse - a harvest mouse of course! 

We are really proud of what we made - and the teamwork that we needed to make it.  A very big thank you to the ladies from the kitchen! (And to the cleaners who cleaned up the flour and dough...)