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Leaping Lemurs in Madagascar 

At the start of this half term we hopped on a virtual plane and headed to Madagascar to help the leaping lemurs. We spent two weeks learning about Madagascar and taking part in a wide range of activities within school with our teachers and volunteers from local companies and businesses. We made lemur lookout towers, cars, flags and some fantastic camouflage and 3D art work. Some of this is displayed in our classroom so please come and have a look. We made comparisons between Madagascar and England and Odiham looking closely at the similarities and differences. During our week we also worked with an artist and took part in a drama workshop and enjoyed another fantastic music session with Jim. We also made some beautiful tie dye t-shirts and we have enjoyed wearing them lots! In maths we made drinks for the lemurs and weighed bags of food. We also measured the lemurs tails to see whose was the longest. We loved this topic and learnt so much about Madagascar!

Golfers at Buryfields

This half term we have been learning how to play gold with Mr Mannion. We have gained confidence and developed our skills using the chipper and putter. We have learnt how to stand in the appropriate position to enable us to hit the ball and aim at the target. During our lessons we have been able to coach one another and develop our skills working as a team. We have really enjoyed the various games we have been playing in golf as well. We hope you enjoyed watching our golf skills on sports day! Next year we will continue to develop our golf skills and we are already excited about it! 

New Forest Wildlife Park

This half term our topic has been 'Woodlands'. We had a fantastic and informative day out at the New Forest Wildlife Park. It was an excellent day where we were able to handle animals, observe different types of animals and learn a wide range of facts. We enjoyed seeing the otters, owls and wolves in their enclosures. The otters were very loud and made screeching noises which was very funny! The wolves were parading around the woodland area and it was brilliant to see the size of them. Wolves have a sense of smell that is 110 times better than ours! We also saw a wide range of plants and trees in the woodland. Did you know that the colour of the owls eyes show when they hunt and they have 14 bones in their neck. During our trip we were lucky enough to see the lynx which is a solitary animal. Ask us about the other facts we know! The staff at the park were exceptionally pleased with our behaviour and manners. 

Summer Fun!

The end is near for us now and we have been enjoying lots of summer activities. We had another thrilling camo day with lots of exciting activities to take part in. We always create new memories on this day and watching the chinook land on the field reminds us of how lucky we are to have these experiences. Some of us thoroughly enjoyed helping paint Miss Simons face with camo colours! Thank you to all the RAF service men and women who came to make our day so wonderful!

Ready... steady....go!!! Sports day was hot, sunny and exciting! This year we had new activities and a different coloured team winning. It was an exciting afternoon where we all tried our best and worked as a team. Blue team were this years winners and enjoyed their lap of honour.