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Queens Of England

This half term we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We have learnt lots of facts about each of the queens and have written some excellent fact files. We found some of the facts very funny!! Did you know that when Queen Elizabeth I was cross she would throw her shoes at people. She also picked her black teeth in public and spat! Queen Victoria liked to be cool, so she always had the windows open and had ice on her table. We all think that Queen Elizabeth II is a beautiful and gracious queen. She is the longest reigning queen and works incredibly hard. She only takes two days off a year, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

We made a timeline to show when each of the queens reigned and when other historical events happened. We also learnt about what was invented during the reign of each queen. We enjoyed looking at the objects from the history box that was delivered to school and had to handle all the objects with great care.

On Thursday 18th May we performed our class assembly. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and learnt some new facts about Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We practised our assembly really well and Miss Simons was so impressed with how we learnt all our lines and performed so confidently. We really enjoyed having an audience watch us.

Royal Artists

This half term we have developed our drawing and painting skills. We have also explored using different media. We have completed some observational drawings of Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We learnt that Queen Elizabeth II has sat to have her portrait drawn 129 times. During the coronation of a king or queen they get given the royal orb and sceptre. We spent time observing the detail on these, then drew them and added colour using pastels. Our favourite art session was when we read a story called 'The Queen's Birthday Crown' within the story various people design a crown for Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday celebration. Our task was to design our own crown, paint it and add glitter to create jewels. They look amazing and they are all really different! For our assembly we all made our own crown to wear and then stuck beautiful jewels onto them.

Learning to be Wimbledon Tennis Players

This half term we have visited the tennis courts in Odiham once a week to have a tennis lesson. So far, we have taken part in lots of skills exercises such as throwing and catching the ball, hand eye coordination activities, rolling the ball through your partners legs and having them run to collect it as quickly as possible and balancing the tennis ball on the racket. We have learnt the forehand, backhand and volley technique in our lessons and we are all making good progress. We are now beginning to hit the ball over the net to our partner. Our tennis coach is really good and helps us out during our lessons.

We have also continued to learn how to play rugby and have started playing matches. We now know how to defend the tri line and have developed our movement and passing skills. On Monday 22nd May, we had a year 1 rugby tournament where we played against our friends in Oak Class and Beech Class. This was really fun and competitive!