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Tag Rugby

This half term we have had great fun learning how to play tag rugby with Mr Mannion. We have developed our hand eye coordination and ability to run at different speeds and in different directions. We have completed many different activities to learn how to score tries and play the game effectively. During our lessons, we have to work in teams and we have been doing this really well. Mr Mannion has been really impressed with our behaviour and participation in the lessons. In our final lesson of this half term we used the tag rugby belts. We took it in turns to be the taggers and had to try and collect as many tags off other people as we could. This meant that everyone else had to run quickly, change direction and look carefully to see where they were going. Now we have the skills we will begin matches after the Easter holidays, we can't wait!!

Marvellous Mathematicians!

We have been learning about sharing, grouping and 'lots of' this half term. This has been quite a challenging concept for us but Miss Simons has been so impressed with the progress we have made during every lesson. We have been using practical resources to help develop our understanding and to help us solve various different problems. All of us have especially enjoyed all the challenges Miss Simons has been giving us. We have also been practising putting ourselves in groups of a particular amount and looking to see how many groups we have made.

We are builders!

We have been learning about the Three Little Pigs this half term and as a result we became designers and builders for the day. We had to design and build a house for one of the Three Little Pigs that would not get blown down by the Big Bad Wolf. We had to think about what we already knew about materials and carefully consider which would be most appropriate for the task. As a class we decided that the material needed to be strong, sturdy and heavy to ensure it stayed on the ground. Once we had all made our houses, we tested them against the puff of the Big Bad Wolf (which was actually a hairdryer). Most of the houses stayed standing, however, some of them did fall down but we were able to identify what needed to be changed and why.

Fairy Tales

This half term our focus has been fairy tales. We spent 3 weeks studying Jack and the Beanstalk and 2 weeks learning about The Three Little Pigs. During this time we had 2 visits from the Giant, one whereby he left footprints and one when he came to visit us on the magic chair. We have also learnt how to orally tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using the Pie Corbett approach. We even wrote our own stories with a new character and different things that were stolen from the Giant's castle. You must come and read them! We also made our own character puppets using card and lolly sticks.

During our Three Little Pigs topic we have written character descriptions, alliterative sentences and sentences using similes. We also had a visit from the Big Bad Wolf who explained why the Three Little Pigs houses actually got blown down. It turns out that he had an extremely bad cold. We helped the wolf write apology letters to the pigs.