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London's Burning!!

Our topic this half term has been the Great Fire of London 1666. We have had a fantastic time studying the historic event. 

It all began by looking at a picture of the event and generating lots of questions about the fire that we wanted to find the answers to. 

We found the answers to these questions by reading a range of non-fiction and fiction books and watching video accounts about the Great Fire of London. We also used drama to act out the event and this helped developed our understanding of how people would have been feeling in 1666. Using the history box enabled us to see how fire equipment in 1666 differed from the extensive equipment used today. We were able to identify similarities and differences between past and present. We also had a fantastic visit from Hampshire's Fire and Rescue Service. They talked to us about fire procedures nowadays and we completed various different activities in class. It was very exciting and interesting. 

Samuel Pepys was a significant person during the Great Fire of London and reading some of his diary entries encouraged us to write our own diary entry from the perspective of a child in the fire.

The Rainbow Theatre Group

On Tuesday 24th January we were privileged enough to have a drama workshop with the wonderful actors and actresses from the Rainbow Theatre. As a year group we were allocated different parts and performed the story of the Great Fire of London. Some of us were given lines to learn in a very short period of time, but we were great! We had lots of resources which made the performance even better. Our understanding of the event made us act like it was happening there and then!

Fire, Fire!

In 1666 the houses were made from wood with thatched roofs and were built very close together on narrow streets. As a result, the houses caught fire very quickly and the fire spread.

In our Art lessons we created a fire background using sponges and paint. We then cut houses and churches on black paper to create a silhouette. We glued the black paper to the fire background to create a fiery silhouette picture.   

Shape Stars

We have been performing shapes in our gymnastics lessons. We have learnt 5 different shapes which are star, straddle, pike, straight and tuck. Working with our partner allowed us to make a sequence using these 5 shapes. Our photographs show our strong bodies, pointed fingers and toes and creative ideas. 

Mr Mannion has been teaching us how to play Basketball this half term. In the first session we found it tricky to bounce the ball and keep it near to the body in a controlled manner. We have been playing lots of games and learning skills to help us develop our ability to dribble around the court. Our favourite game has been King or Queen of the court, where we compete to see who can bounce the basketball the longest without losing control or double dribbling. We are now skilled basketball players!