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We are fit and healthy!

We have settled in well to life in Year 1 and are enjoying the new experiences and opportunities available to us. Mr Mannion teaches us PE on a Monday and this half term we have been focusing on Multi-skills. During the lessons we have to work very hard and it can be tiring for us! We have been developing our core stability, movement and balance through a variety of exercises and games. 

In our gym sessions we have been learning the 5 basic shapes and exploring different ways we can present them on the floor, mats and using equipment. We have developed our ability to produce strong shapes and create sequences with a partner. Miss Simons has been impressed with our creative ideas and ability to follow instructions. 

Creative time in Horse Chestnut Class 

We have been enjoying exploring our creative ideas through music, art and design and technology. In art we have been exploring with lines, responding to music and using different media to create pictures. We drew pictures using continuous line drawings and found it quite challenging to keep the pencil on the paper. We have also explored how to use a pencil to create light and dark shades and tones. This was a really interesting experiment! Using pastels we made observational drawings of fruit. We created different effects by using the pastels in different ways and smudging with our fingers.

We have continued our healthy theme in design and technology by tasting a range of fruits and evaluating them. We then used the knowledge from this task to design a fruit kebab which we then made and ate, yummy!

We hope you enjoyed our singing and autumn poem that we performed at All Saints church on Monday 9th October.    

Number and Letter time!

We have been developing our understanding of the number system in our maths lessons and have been exploring a range of resources. We have learnt to identify one more and one less than a number, find numbers that the Number Thief had stolen, order non-consecutive numbers, partition numbers to 10, solve problems, identify how many digits are in a number and represent tens and units in numbers. Miss Simons has been working hard to encourage us to explain our answers and develop our mathematical vocabulary. 


In English we have studied two books this half term and we also spent a week learning about autumn and writing autumn poems. Our first book was called Journey by Aaron Becker. This book allowed us to use our imagination and ideas to predict and tell the story. We made predictions using the pictures because the book had no text. We really enjoyed this aspect and it was exciting to find out what would happen next. In the story we met a little girl who went on a journey, travelling on different kinds of transport with her magic crayon. She visited some incredible places but ended up in danger. We imagined that we had our own magic crayon and designed our own transport and where we would go to. We had a range of ideas which we shared as a class. We have been focusing on using adjectives in our sentences and found the book a great stimulus to develop our bank of adjectives.