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Gordon Brown Centre Trip

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to the Gordon Brown Centre on Tuesday 4th October. The children became detectives for the day and worked together to help solve the crime. Who was it that broke in to the Three Bear's Cottage?! was the question that we needed to find the answer to.

The children completed various different laboratory tasks such as identifying whose hair was in the house, which animal or person had bite marks in the spoon as well as looking at footprints. We hunted around the crime scene for evidence that would help lead us to identifying who it was. 

The children had an amazing day and worked well together in their teams. They said it was the best trip!!

Sporty Kids in PE

The children have really been enjoying Mr Mannion's fun and active PE lessons. Our focus this half term has been multi-skills and the children have developed their agility, balance and coordination through a variety of different activities. Through these lessons the children have also been developing their listening skills and ability to work in small groups and teams.

Out and About

We have been enjoying going out and about in the school surroundings looking for signs of autumn, completing our maths work and learning about our local area. It has been really interesting to spend time looking at how the trees have changed colour since we left in the summer holidays. The squirrels are having fun running across the playing field and we have collected hundreds of conkers!