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Summer 1 in Hazel Class

Our topic this half term has been all about castles so we all had a fantastic adventure to visit Arundel Castle.

We learnt all about the different parts of the castle and we were able to walk around many different areas. We even had a battle on the drawbridge of the castle where we nearly got trapped by the portcullis!

Our writing has been all about castles. Sometimes describing all the features of a castle and also using the story of the Princess and the Frog. We discussed the entire story then changed different parts of it to make it our own. There were some fantastic describing words in our stories. When we wrote about our trip many pieces of our writing described where the dungeons and the loos were!

One of our grannies came in to talk to us about our village. What an amazing amount of knowledge she has! Our village is so special because we have our very own castle and Mrs Pratt told us all about how important it has been over the years and how careful we must be in looking after it now. You can walk along the canal to visit it if you like.

In our computer work we have studied how to use our ipad apps. We had great fun with the Photo Booth app and made our faces do very strange things as you will see in our gallery.

We have been so busy practising all our maths, where we even learnt how to make pictograms and follow maps by turning anti clockwise! Our science looked at all the animal groups of living things and the 7 characteristics a living thing does. We found it all so interesting and can’t actually believe we are in the same group as a whale! We have also worked on our longitudinal study, where we looked closely at how our pond has changed over the last term.

In history as well as looking at how people used to live in castles we also had a huge box arrive which showed us how everyday objects have changed over the time. The phone was really heavy.

How astonishing that we only have one more half term left before we move onto junior school!