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Spring Term

Our new Playground Squad were easy to choose because they were already demonstrating so many of the important attributes needed to do the job; hardworking, friendly, responsible and great team players! They certainly didn't disappoint us and we'd like to say a big 'thank you' for all of their enthusiasm over the last few weeks!

Fire! Fire!

The long awaited(by staff and pupils!) Great Fire of London topic began and as always the children LOVED IT! For 6 weeks we fully immersed ourselves into this history based topic and enjoyed learning about life in 1666 and why the Great Fire of London was so serious and its wide reaching consequences. We were lucky enough to have lots of interesting artefacts in school, and visits by the wonderful Rainbow Theatre Company and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. All in all it was a fabulous topic which reached all areas of our rich and varied curriculum including Maths, English, Art, Geography and Music.

Science in our Wonderful School Grounds

We continued to be out in all weathers investigating minibeasts in our school grounds. We enjoyed recording what minibeasts we found and where, and comparing our results with our Autumn findings. Using data handling programs we have been able to present our results and look at how temperature and light levels can affect what minibeasts live where.


It was a delight to see how much everyone in the class enjoyed basketball this term. The children built on their skills from Year 1 and enjoyed working individually and in pairs to improve their skills. They were great sports and loved the team games at the end!

Spring 2

This half term our topic has been 'Once upon a time'. Our learning has been based around the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We have read the traditional story and then really enjoyed reading other versions, including one from the perspective of the wolf. We have also learnt lots of information about wolves and wrote our own non-fiction booklets that included amazing facts we had found out. In Art we have been making mod-roc wolves in small groups. We think our final masks are great but also quite scary!

Trap that wolf!

We really enjoyed designing wolf traps that Red Riding Hood could use to trap the wolf before he got up to no good at Grandma's house. We looked at our designs carefully and then made them using a range of construction toys. We know they would catch that mischievous wolf and save Grandma!

Hands on Science!

We have loved learning about forces this half term in Science. We learnt about pushes and pulls and how these are used in everything we do. We had so much fun thinking about the forces we use when we are on the playground using equipment. We have carried out a ramp and car investigation to find out what makes the best ramp and even became miniature Isaac Newtons when we investigated whether the heaviest object always falls more quickly. We have been brilliant at talking scientifically about gravity, friction and some of us even started to explore air resistance!

Southampton art gallery visit

We had a fabulous time on our school trip to Southampton art gallery. We had a very interesting guided tour of the gallery where we learnt about different art forms such as paintings, sculpture and photographs. We especially loved a bronze statue of a hare. We then used this to inspire us to make clay tiles which included a raised hare. We made the outline then built it up using sausages of clay. We made it look even more beautiful by adding buttons, sequins and flowers. What a brilliant day!

Stage 1

First we had to roll out our clay to the correct thickness.

Stage 2

Next we had to make the shape of the hare and add more layers using sausages of clay, so it became raised. We then smoothed this down with our fingers.

Stage 3

Finally we decorated it using flowers, buttons and sequins to add extra detail.

Having great fun on World Book Day 2017!