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Summer 2

Hazel class have had an action-packed final half term in Year 2 at Buryfields! We started our half term with an amazing fortnight of learning based on the country of Madagascar, learning through the STEAM subjects. The rest of this half term our topic has been 'Down in the woods'.

Madagascar- The return of the Lemurs!

Our half term began with a fortnight of learning through the STEAM subjects. The Lemurs kept in captivity in the UK wanted to escape back to their natural habitats in Madagascar so we needed to help! During our STEAM fortnight we were so lucky to have visits from a range of amazing people which meant we took part in making African music, we worked with engineers to make boats and land vehicles to help the Lemurs escape, had a visit from an amazing artist who used our mark making as part of a whole school work of art and even imagined we were animals in Madagascar during a drama workshop! We had an amazing time and learnt so much from these visitors and in our classrooms.

Music workshop

We had so much fun when Jim Bernardin came to visit. He played us some amazing African music using only percussion instruments. He had visited Madagascar when he was younger and so he showed us photographs he had taken on his visit and taught us some interesting facts about the country. Then we got a chance to make our own African music. We loved it!

Art workshop

We really enjoyed our session with visiting artist Lisa Jean Gardner. She is an illustrator and an artist that values all marks made on the page. We used watercolour paper to make our own marks. First we used a pipette to squeeze a puddle of water on the paper, then we chose a paint colour and held our paintbrushes in the water so the colour spread. Then we chose another colour and did the same. Our marks were beautiful and Lisa used these as the tummies for some beautiful painted Lemurs, which are now on display for everyone to enjoy.

We are the animals from Madagascar!

We had great fun when we had a visit from The Anvil theatre. We enjoyed imagining we were in Madagascar and thought about what we would see, hear and feel. We even became the animals that live there, moving and interacting as if we were in the Madagascan rainforest!

Down in the woods

We have really enjoyed our topic of 'Down in the woods'. We have learnt about woodlands in different parts of the world and compared them with our own school woodland. We have had fun exploring our woodland more and even spotted many Hazel trees there! We had great fun visiting the New Forest Wildlife Park and learnt so much from our guides. We saw animals that live in the New Forest today as well as those that used to hundreds of years ago such as Wolves, Wallabies and even a Lynx! In English we have been reading the story of 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl and then created our own stories where our characters shrunk and had a woodland adventure.

Warburtons Visit

Also this half term...

We enjoyed our visit from Warburtons who came to talk to us about healthy eating and made yummy sandwiches with us.

Sports Day

We all worked brilliantly in our teams on a very hot sports day! We really enjoyed the obstacle course, the javelin throwing competition and ran our socks off during the running races. Blue team won but we all did brilliantly cheering on our team mates.

Grandparents tea party

We had a wonderful time when we invited our Grandparents to a special tea party at school. We performed country dancing, poems and songs beautifully. Then we all got to enjoy tea and cake in the sunshine with our Grandparents. It was a really special afternoon.