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Playground Squad Number 5!

Another fabulous group of children formed our fifth squad of the year. They lived up to all of our expectations and showed themselves to be very kind, caring, considerate, helpful and above all very responsible! Thank you Squad Number 5!

Kings and Queens

This term our topic has been history based and we have enjoyed learning about three different British queens, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II. We enjoyed using different websites to find out more about our Royal family and then wrote to the queen to ask if she could give us some more answers. Hopefully, we will receive a reply from Buckingham Palace soon!

History Detectives!

We enjoyed being history detectives and used a variety of sources to find out more about the lives of our queens. It was very interesting learning about how the times in which they lived were very different. We looked at how transport, technology  and communication changed over time.


We borrowed a museum box packed with really interesting artefacts relating to our three queens. It was great fun looking for clues and sorting them into the different reigns!