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Kings and Queens

Our topic for this half term has been based on Kings and Queens. We have focussed upon Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We were lucky enough to have a history box full of objects to tell us more about the lives and times of the queens. Of course one of the best bits of having the box was being able to dress up!

The crown jewels

As part of our topic we had a very close look at some of the amazing treasures that belong to the royals. We chose some crowns and orbs to make observational drawings of and then we used  pastels to add colour and detail. We think Queen Elizabeth would be very impressed!

Our royal connections

We thought about what it would be like to be king or queen and decided that we would quite like the job, especially being able to tell people what to do! But we also know that the queen works really hard and we were not sure if we could keep up with all her jobs, especially with all the letters that she has to read and answer.

So we decided to write to the queen and tell her a little bit about ourselves and ask her a few questions, such as what do her corgis like to eat and which is her favourite hat. We have posted our letter and are hoping that a reply comes soon. We have even invited her to come and visit our school so who knows what might happen...!