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Fire! Fire!

We travelled back to 1666 to find out all about The Great Fire of London. The diary of Samuel Pepys helped us to find out what it was like to live in London at that time and why the fire spread so quickly. We really enjoyed being history detectives and we have remembered a lot of information on why the fire started and caused so much damage. It was really interesting to find out how London changed after the fire and why it looks like it does now.

Looking back in time

To try and understand when the fire happened we made a timeline of special events. It happened after the Gunpowder Plot but a long time before we were born!

We thought about the colours of the fire and created our own silhouette pictures to show what it might have been like when the fire was raging.

The Rainbow Theatre Workshop

Who would have thought that Samuel Pepys and King Charles himself would turn up in our school hall! We had an amazing afternoon recreating the events of the Great Fire. It certainly brought history to life and helped us to understand what it would have been like to be in London in 1666.

A history box full of objects and artefacts from the time of the fire gave us lots to talk about. Of course the best bit was dressing up in the hats and wigs!

Hampshire Fire and Rescue

To help us think about fire fighting now we had a visit from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service. They told us how to keep safe in our homes and showed us the equipment that helps to keep fire fighters safe while they do their job.


As part of our PE curriculum this half term we have been learning the key skills of basketball. During our first session we found it very tricky to bounce and control the ball with one hand. By the end of the half term we had become experts at handling the ball and enjoyed putting our skills to use in some fiercely contested basketball matches.

Growing Plants

In science we have been finding out about what plants need to help them grow. We carried out some fair tests to see what would happen if our plants didn't have light or water. We now know what we need to do to make sure our plants grow when we think about where we are going to do some planting in the school grounds.