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Once upon a time...

Our topic for the half term was "Once upon a time" and we really enjoyed listening to lots of different traditional tales. We imagined what it would be like to climb a beanstalk and find a castle! We also thought about how the giant would have felt when all his treasures were stolen and wrote letters to say sorry.

The Three Little Pigs was our next exciting story and we had great fun imagining how the wolf really felt. He sent us a letter explaining that he didn't mean to blow the houses down. He just had a nasty cold! It turned out that he is not that scary after all- or is he?

Planting our class garden

As part of our science study we have been looking at seeds and plants and what they need to help them grow. Now that spring is here we chose an area in the school grounds to test out our new found knowledge. We planted our seeds in trays in the classroom to start them off and we made sure we kept them watered. It was amazing to watch them and see how quickly they grew.

When the seedlings were ready Mr Keens helped us to prepare the soil and on a sunny Thursday afternoon we planted them outside. It was hard work but we all helped and we are looking forward to watching them grow.

Tag Rugby

During our Monday PE sessions this half term we have been learning the skills needed for Tag Rugby. Mr Mannion has put us all through our paces and we have loved every minute of it! We have built our stamina up when running-and that's just the warm up! Rugby balls are tricky to handle but over the weeks we have developed our skills. We are now confident when scoring tries and passing the ball.

We have played lots of games where we try and get as many tags as we can and it is getting harder because we have learnt how to avoid being caught. We can't wait for next term when we are going to put our skills to the test in matches.

World Book Day

World Book Day was a fabulous way to start off our "Once upon a time " topic. Everyone loves to dress up and the outfits were brilliant. There was lots of magic in the air with plenty of witches and wizards, as well as a scary wolf and a cat in a hat among others! It was really interesting to find out about everyone's favourite books. See if you can spot all the different story characters in the photos.