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Brodowski String Quartet

We had a visit from the amazing Brodowski String Quartet. They played some beautiful Christmas music which the children loved hearing.

They talked to us about the instruments that they play. We found out that larger instruments make deeper sounds and smaller instruments make higher sounds.

Some of the children had a go at conducting the quartet!

Abstract and colourful art

We looked at the work of Karen Leeds and it was inspirational! We created our own art works in her style. Just like artists, we named our artwork.


This half term we have been finding out about two explorers, Captain Robert Scott and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. We made a timeline and compared their lives.

We found out about the Antarctic. It is sometimes called the South Pole and it is very difficult to get there. Some of the animals that live there are penguins and Orca whales.

Angel Express

One of the highlights of the term was the Christmas play! The children loved learning their songs and dances and performing for family and friends.