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Camo Day

Camo Day is always one of our favourite days of the year so we were delighted when it finally arrived. As we watched the Chinook come in to land we knew we were in for an exciting and informative day. We spent the morning making paper aeroplanes, exploring the Chinook and tackling the assault course amongst other things and we loved every minute of it! Thank you so much to all involved in what was a brilliant experience.

Adventures at Arundel Castle

We set off on a beautiful sunny morning to visit Arundel castle as part of out topic all about castles. We found out about some of the people who had lived and worked in the castle over time. One of the most exciting parts of our visit was the chance to dress up.

Exploring the castle

We were very excited to explore a real castle after learning so much about them. On our guided tour we spotted the arrow slits, dungeons and battlements that we had heard all about. We couldn't wait to explore every corner of the castle but we didn't realise how many steps there were!

A human poppy!

On a very sunny afternoon in May we joined together with Mayhill to form a human poppy shape on the field. We sat so still while the Chinook came overhead to take the photo. It was all very exciting. It was hard to imagine just what it would look like from above so we were delighted when we saw the finished picture. We had made a brilliant poppy shape!

What's cooking?

 We were delighted to discover that two of the main crops in St Lucia are bananas and cocoa beans. We decided that it would be a very good idea to use them as cooking ingredients so we made banana and chocolate chip muffins. Everyone helped to weigh out the ingredients, mash the bananas and stir the mix. The results were very tasty! 

Our music workshop

One of the highlights of our topic on St Lucia was the visit from Jim with his wonderful collection of musical instruments. Everyone had a chance to play the steel pans and the sound was beautiful. We explored lots of different instruments to recreate the sounds of the Carribean.

Mola art

As part of our study of St Lucia we looked at the wildlife that can be found there. We found out about lizards, snakes, parrots and much more. We then looked at the technique used in Mola art and created our own artwork in that style. The results are very colourful!

World Book Day

We were all very excited to finally dress up for World Book Day after the snow interrupted our plans! Beech class became home to many wonderful book characters from Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland! Can you guess who we are meant to be?

All Aboard RMS Titanic!

This half term we have been learning all about the amazing Titanic. We found out what made the ship so special and the disaster that  happened on its maiden voyage.

Passengers and crew

As part of our visit to the Seacity Museum in Southampton we took part in a workshop which helped us to explore what it would have been like on board. Some of us even dressed up as passengers and crew.

Exploring the decks

We were taken on a tour of the museum by Andy who knew so much about the Titanic and what happened. He told us lots of facts and information and brought it all to life for us. He told us about the extra funnel on the ship and how somebody escaped through it!

Exploring our new IPads

As part of our computing work we have been exploring our new IPads. We are really excited to have them. They are going to help us with our work in lots of different ways, as well as being great fun! Thank you very much to the PTA for helping us to buy them.

Melting the iceberg!

During our science topic on materials we carried out an investigation to see how quickly ice would melt when wrapped in different materials. We predicted that the foil would be best to stop the ice melting too quickly. We were surprised by our results!

Fun and games!

In our PSHE lesson we thought about how important play is for children. Children all over the world love to play games and we thought about some that we could share that didn't need any equipment.We had great fun out in the playground trying some of them out.

Brodowski String Quartet

We had a visit from the amazing Brodowski String Quartet. They played some beautiful Christmas music which the children loved hearing.

They talked to us about the instruments that they play. We found out that larger instruments make deeper sounds and smaller instruments make higher sounds.

Some of the children had a go at conducting the quartet!

Abstract and colourful art

We looked at the work of Karen Leeds and it was inspirational! We created our own art works in her style. Just like artists, we named our artwork.


This half term we have been finding out about two explorers, Captain Robert Scott and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. We made a timeline and compared their lives.

We found out about the Antarctic. It is sometimes called the South Pole and it is very difficult to get there. Some of the animals that live there are penguins and Orca whales.

Angel Express

One of the highlights of the term was the Christmas play! The children loved learning their songs and dances and performing for family and friends.