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A great start to Year 1!

Everyone in Beech Class has made a super start to Year 1. We are getting used to all the routines and are working really hard. We have had great fun exploring our school grounds as part of our geography topic and Trailblazers has been a very exciting part of Wednesday afternoons. We have made the most of the lovely autumnal weather to think about what lives and grows in our grounds and watch the changes as they happen.

We had great fun testing our spinners on the field.

Lots of our mathematical work is very practical and we are becoming experts at using apparatus to develop and show our understanding. See how many different ways we can show the tens and ones in a number!

Gordon Brown Centre

When we set off for The Gordon Brown Centre in early October we had no idea that we were going to help solve a dreadful crime! Who had broken into the Three Bears' cottage, eaten the porridge and broken the chair? It was up to us to follow the clues and help the police catch the culprit. We studied footprints and bite marks and narrowed it down to Badger. At least poor old Goldilocks didn't get the blame this time.

Remember, remember!

After half term we found out all about the Gunpowder Plot. We learnt the reasons why Guy Fawkes and his friends were so unhappy  and why they tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Thank goodness the guards found them before it was too late!

The Gunpowder Plot

Once we had read all about the Gunpowder Plot we acted out parts of the story in freeze frames.  

Can you guess what is happening in this one?

We also had great fun designing our own spectacular firework pictures after we learnt about how we still remember the plot today.

Football fun!

Mr Mannion has been putting us all through our paces out on the field as we hone our footballing skills. As the weeks have passed we have really developed our skills and tried them out in a mini tournament at the end of term. Lots of goals were scored and great fun was had by all.


Zog the young dragon taught us all about persevering and never giving up. We found out all about what young dragons at Dragon School learn and what can go wrong!

We acted out the different parts of the story and our friends had to guess what Zog was learning. Thankfully no-one bumped into a tree or set fire to their wings!

It's a Baby!

As Christmas approached we were busy preparing for our Christmas play. It told the story of the innkeeper and  his wife and a very busy night in the stable. Thankfully they managed to find a little bit of room in their stable just in time for the arrival of a special visitor.